SeniorsROAR delivers Personal Safety Programs with Protective Behaviours Themes to people 60 and over.

Our committed team of professionals provide vital self-empowerment strategies to older people by visiting Community Groups, Retirement Villages, Nursing Homes, or individually as required, with the ultimate goal of ‘Keeping Seniors Safe’.
Providing personal safety strategies for older people is vital, as sadly, statistics show that 1 in 6 older people are subject to some form of abuse (World Health Organisation 2017).
By providing education directly to older adults, we aim to empower Seniors with tools and strategies that are necessary to help reduce their vulnerability to all forms of abuse.

What is Protective Behaviours?

Protective Behaviours is a world-wide recognised program that aims to promote personal safety skills for both children and adults. By creating an awareness of  ‘Safe Behaviours’, Protective Behaviours educates Seniors on empowerment strategies that will help prevent abuse, reduce violence in the community, and promote positive health and wellbeing.
Protective Behaviours has two Core Themes that are emphasized throughout the SeniorsROAR Program.
Theme 1: We all have the right to feel safe at all times.
Theme 2: We can talk about anything with someone we trust, no matter what it is.

The ‘ROAR’ in SeniorsROAR

After taking part in the interactive SeniorsROAR session, participants will have developed skills and strategies to help protect their own personal safety and they will know how to ‘ROAR’:

Recognisethat ‘We all have the right to feel safe at all times’ and live free from abuse and neglect

Own their body and decisions relating to it

Assertthemselves with confidence to SPEAK UP when feeling unsafe or worried

Reportconcerns to a trusted person in their safety network

SeniorsROAR Programs

All sessions are engaging, interactive and structured to facilitate open interaction between participants and our Educators. Our SeniorsROAR programs are tailored for:
  • Adults 60 years and over
  • People working within Residential Aged Care
  • Community Groups
  • Family and friends of older adults

Super Over Sixties Programs

The SeniorsROAR Over Sixties Program is designed for older adults living independently. The SeniorsROAR team works with Groups, Committees and Retirement Villages to coordinate tailored Personal Safety sessions that best fit their needs.

The Program incorporates a number of topics that reinforce the Protective Behaviours themes including:

  • Understanding that “We all have the right to feel safe at all times”
  • How to identify unsafe situations
  • Identifying and acting upon early warning signs
  • Types of abuse – financial, psychological, physical, sexual abuse and neglect
  • Scams and how to avoid them
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Seniors
  • The importance of speaking up
  • Identifying the difference between safe and unsafe secrets
  • Consent – what is it and when is it needed
  • Safety Network – what is it?
  • Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Planning

Each session includes an interactive presentation with Q&A time.  Participants will be provided with a ROAR pack that will include a summary of Key Learnings, Contact Information for Support Services, and Useful Links for further information on topics covered.

After taking part in the interactive SeniorsROAR Super Over Sixties Program, participants will have developed skills and strategies to ROAR!

Residential Aged Care Program

Our team of professionals educate individuals working in aged care, residents and their families, on empowerment strategies that will help to reduce the vulnerability of older adults living in Residential Aged Care, to any form of abuse or neglect.

We believe that educating employees, residents and families is imperative in reducing the incidence of abuse on older people in Residential Aged Care.

SeniorsROAR has three programs for people living and working in Residential Aged Care:

  • SeniorsROAR Residents Program
  • SeniorsROAR Team Member Program
  • SeniorsROAR Families/Friends of Residents Program

In addition to the above programs we also provide:

  • Post session activities for Residents
  • Links and resources for further information
  • ‘Toolbox Talk’ series for team meetings
  • Contact list of Support Services for employees, residents and their families

SeniorsROAR – Residents Program

SeniorsROAR Residents program is an interactive program that reinforces Protective Behaviours Themes and strategies and reminds residents that ‘We all have the right to feel safe at all times’, the importance of speaking up, and utilising their Safety Network.

Our program educates participants on how they can protect their personal safety by being able to ROAR.

  • Recognise – safe and unsafe situations, early warning signs, types of abuse, unsafe secrets
  • Own – their body and the importance of consent
  • Assert – the confidence to speak up when feeling unsafe or worried
  • Report – concerns to a trusted person

Each session is supported with large visual aids and incorporates Question and Answer opportunities for residents. After taking part, residents will have developed skills and strategies to help protect their own personal safety and will have identified their network of trusted people.

SeniorsROAR – Aged Care Team Program

The SeniorsROAR Team Program is for any person working within a Residential Aged Care environment. This program supports and educates employees on the key aspects of Personal Safety and equips participants with tools and strategies to help identify and prevent abuse on Residents.

The Program incorporates the following key topics:

  •   Different types of abuse – financial, psychological, physical, sexual abuse, neglect
  •  What is Protective Behaviours?
  •  Understand ‘Everyone has the right to feel safe at all times’
  •  Identifying safe and unsafe situations
  •  Rights and Responsibilities and the importance of Speaking Up
  •  Personal Safety Network – What is it?
  •  Consent and when it should be sought.
  •  Obtaining Consent – Respectfully
  •  Reporting – Mandatory v’s Good Practice

Following the completion of the Team Member session, participants will have a better understanding of how they can assist Residents to feel safe at all times, prevent abuse, and further empower residents to help reduce their vulnerability to abuse.


“Your session really got me thinking about things, thank you”

“Your session today has reminded me to focus more on consent with our residents”

“I have never thought of having a Safety Network written up. The card you gave us makes it so easy”

“I know someone who got scammed, after today I feel I know what to do if someone tried to scam me”

“Thanks for coming to our Village we have received fantastic feedback from residents”
Silvia – Manager

“Thank you for your information on Powers of Attorney. It was really helpful”

Family and Friends Program

Empowering the older people in your life to protect their own personal safety is critical in reducing their vulnerability to abuse. This program educates family and friends on how they can support an older person to protect their own personal safety and reduce their vulnerability to abuse.

Topics covered include:

  • Protective Behaviours Themes
  • Types of abuse
  • Rights and Responsibilities of an older person
  • Importance of Speaking Up
  • Establishing a Personal Safety Network
  • Consent & Respect
  • Reporting